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                                      NOW REHOMED

We are delighted to say that Apollo has been successfully rehomed to a wonderful family.  





                                      NOW REHOMED

We are delighted to say that 3-year-old Molly has been successfully rehomed to a wonderful family.  We wish Molly and his new family all the very best for the future.


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                                                           NOW REHOMED

Meet Rocky

Rocky is an 11 year old, soft natured, gentleman who is looking for a new home as his current owners' family circumstances have changed and they feel they can't give him the attention he deserves. He is quite laid back and happy lying around and only barks when he's playing.

Rocky loves his walks both on and off the lead, he loves playing in the water and likes to take his time to enjoy life. He is good with children of all ages and loves other dogs. He knows commands sit, lay down, wait and come back.

He is microchipped and his vaccinations are up to date. He has no medical conditions and doesn’t take any medication He had his annual check-up with his vet last week and they have no concerns. If you think you could give Rocky a loving home please complete the application form below to be considered.


                                                          NOW REHOMED

Meet Hunter who will be 7 years old in November. He is neutered. Temperament wise he is very good with all people, strangers, children, babies - everyone. He is relaxed, chilled-out and is friendly with everyone. He responds to commands such as sit, lie down, wait, go, up, paw etc. walks very well off the lead. He stays nearby and will come back frequently. On the lead he tends to pull a bit, Hunter gets separation anxiety when in a room by himself away from people.
Hunter has no health problems and is up to date with vaccinations. He walks well. He mostly keeps to himself during walks, trotting around sniffing. Sometimes he likes to play with a ball. He is excellent with other dogs - never aggressive and usually just trots by very casually. Hunter is an incredibly friendly dog
If you think you could give Hunter a forever loving home please complete the

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                                                                          NOW REHOMED


We are delighted to say that we have found 5 year old Koda a lovely new home. We wish Koda and his new family all the very best for the future. We have grown very close to Koda over the last few months and will miss him very much.



                                     NOW REHOMED

4 year old Ace has been successfully re-homed to a lovely family in Fife.  We wish him and his new family all the very best for the future.


                                             NOW REHOMED

Meet Casper who is looking for a new forever home.  He is 3 years old and full of fun.  He's not sure of cats but loves to be out and about and meet other dogs.  He is very loving and loves to please his master.  If you would like to be considered for re-homing Casper, please complete the application form.


                                                        NOW RE HOMED

We are delighted to say that 4 year old Casper has been successfully re homed to a wonderful family in Berwick-upon-Tweed.  We wish Casper and his new family all the very best for the future.



                                                                   NOW REHOMED


Meet Lucy who is a 6-year-old  young lady - Lucy is now looking for a new home.  Due to work commitments, her family are having to move and are unable to take Lucy with them.

Lucy loves children and other dogs around her size but doesn't get on too well with very small dogs.

She loves attention and gives so much love back. She likes long walks and is fine off the lead.  She is dressed and up to date with her injections.

If you would like to be considered for re-homing Lucy, please complete the application form.






                                                          NOW REHOMED


 Lola is nearly 5 years old, has a fantastic nature, and gets on with adults and children alike, she has been brought up with children around her all her life.

Due to a change in family circumstances, Lola is now looking for a new home.

Lola is very vocal and likes lots of love and attention. She doesn't like being left alone for long periods of time and has never mastered the art of walking without pulling on her lead, this is due to her excitement. She is dressed and all her inoculations are up to date.

If you feel you could give Lola a loving home please complete the application form, if you have already completed an application form there is no need to re-apply as all applications will be looked at    








.                                                           NOW REHOMED

Gino is a 6-year-old Samoyed who needs to be rehomed to a loving family Gino is great around kids and other dogs just loves to play and loves plenty attention Gino has been neutered if you think you can give Gino a loving forever home and would like to be considered, please complete the application form 









                                                                 NOW REHOMED

A bit about Duke
and separation issues and his owner can no longer look after him. He would suit a farm life or with a mature family who doesn't mind socialisingsomehasHi All - meet 5-year-old Duke who is now looking for a new forever home. If you would like to be considered please complete the application form below. If you have already submitted an application form there is no need to re-apply as you will be considered

He doesn't get on well with other dogs and is not suitable to be around young children.


                                                                            NOW REHOMED


Meet Simba, he is 8 years old and turns 9 on 11th December. He is very lively for his age and excitable. He likes walks and is allowed off his lead to go on adventures in the park or woods, not near roads as he thinks the cars should stop for him. Whilst on the lead he can be quite protective and bark at other dogs walking by,
He will give a paw, both paws, sit and stay when you ask but doesn't like to roll over. If you think you could give me a loving forever home and would like to be considered, please complete the application however , when he is off the lead he doesn't seem to bother and will walk by other dogs.
He is very affectionate and loves cuddles and being brushed. He is great with children and used to being around kids of all ages.
Likes to play but not very good at fetch, would rather run around with a ball and be chased or a good game of tug of war. When he's had enough he'll just go to bed.
Simba is very vocal and will let you know when he wants something or if there's someone at the door. Never steals the mail but will chase the postman to the corner of the fence where he gets his daily head rub.
Like most dogs he is terrified of fireworks and can't be left alone whilst they're going off, he likes to be with you and reassured.

He is house trained, doesn't jump on the furniture or go up the stairs. He does enjoy sitting outside with a breeze on him and has learned the art of letting himself in. Simba does suffer from separation anxiety, will bark when you leave the house and again when you arrive home.


                                                                              NOW REHOMED


meet koda. He will be 3 on May 2nd. He is a lovely natured dog and very playful. He loves long off the lead walks every day, and really enjoys being around other dogs. He is definitely an indoor dog who loves cuddles and being around people. He does like to bark when hes playing or when he sees other dogs in the street. He has been brought up around children and loves them dearly. Can get a bit grumpy with other young children and so may be best suited to a family who have no children or children over ten . He is a hansom, loving boy who just wants attention all the time He has been spoiled and likes luxurys such as sleeping on the bed and cuddling your feet on the sofa.He is very playful and does things like come and steal socks (from your feet) and runs away expecting to be chased 
If you think you could give koda
. a loving forever home and would like to be considered, please complete the application form


                                                                            NOW REHOMED


My name is Paddy. I am a 1-year-old Samoyed and I'm looking for a new forever home (maybe 13 or more years). My family love me but things change and they can't keep me anymore.

I am a very loving, lively dog. I am very affectionate and love everyone. I also love the attention to be on me. I am very adventurous and get excitable and love to explore everything around me - this makes me hyper but I calm down once I've finished exploring and am very calm and cuddly.

I am allowed off the lead on walks to the park if there are no other dogs there to distract me (otherwise I wander off). I still need some training as I pull when on the lead.

I am great with children and other dogs too. I suffer from separation anxiety which makes me bark quite a bit when my family leave me as I don't like being left alone.

I am very healthy and have had all my injections. I have been neutered so I can't have any puppies. I also have a microchip so people can find me if I get lost. I am also house trained.

If you think you could give me a loving forever home and would like to be considered, please complete the application form. 





                                                                             NOW RE HOMED



Nanuk who is nearly 4 and is looking for a new home

His current family are heartbroken to have to re-home Nanuk but due to personal circumstances, they fell it is the best for him. They describe Nanuk as ‘stir crazy’, ‘a wonderful dog’ and ‘so loving’ and will make a family a wonderful, loyal, loving pet. 
He is neutered and microchipped, great with other dogs but not so keen on cats as he’s never encountered any up close. Nanuk is also great with children. 
He enjoys being out running and is keen to please. 
Loud noises (bangs/fireworks) scare him 
He is fine being left alone and doesn't suffer separation anxiety.
One of his ears tends to flop which only adds to his character.
If you think you would be suitable to give Nanuk a loving home and would like to be considered please complete the adoption form link below.

Please submit any application by the closing date of 13th August.!dog-adoption-application-form/c1h29



                                                                                      NOW REHOMED


We have found 1 1/2-year-old Oscar a lovely new home where his new owner has plenty of time in his retirement to go long walks around Pitlochrie.

His previous mum's circumstances had changed and she could no longer give Oscar the exercise he needed, so decided a new home with someone who was able to give him plenty of exercise and had the time and ability to take him walks, would be the best thing for Oscar. 


We wish them all the best!



4-year-old  storm is now rehomed





 5-year-old sky   now rehomed



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