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Dog Charity privately run non-profit organization We get all breeds of dogs for many different reasons and are dedicated to giving dogs the best possible care, love, and attention until we can find new loving suitable homes for them. we also have dogs that can't be rehomed due to old age or have a health condition


We do not receive any funding from other bodies, therefore, we rely solely on donations and monies raised ourselves. All monies raised go towards the upkeep of the animals, food & and vet bills. All dogs are microchipped, flea & and worm treated, and vaccinated prior to re-homing, and every home is checked. We love what we do. We think you will too.

Whatever you do, and however you support us, thank you to all our supporters up and down the country, past and present, for all the hard work, dedication, and the many creative ways in which your support has helped us at Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue


Most dogs we get at Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue that are given up to be re-homed by their owners come from responsible, caring homes where they have been well looked after, loved, and adequately cared for and trained. Although many dogs are also re-homed due to neglect or abuse, these dogs are in the minority compared to dogs owned by people who simply find themselves unable to care for their dog any longer or to give them the attention that they deserve, in which case, seeking a suitable replacement home for them is the responsible choice.

all dogs we have  for rehoming live in private homes and do not live in kennels the   dogs are out for exercise and playing every day   

if you can please consider a small donation  that will help us carry on the good work we do for dogs  thank you

Edinburgh Samoyed Rescue


We'd love to hear from you



please donate if you can

        Registered Charity in Scotland    Registered Charity No- SC048163              


We are a small Dog Charity Non-profit organization We get dogs for many different reasons from all around the UK and are dedicated to giving dogs the best possible care, love, and attention until we can find a new loving and suitable home for them.

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